Beauty and the Beast - Alan Menken

Disco: Beauty and the Beast CD
Estilo Música : Bandas Sonoras
Artista: Alan Menken
Album: (2017)
Tracklist : 36
Visitas: 663
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(Castle Under Attack) (Overture) (Main Title: Prologue, Pt. 1)
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Letras de canciones

06 Days in the Sun (Demo)
19 Madame de Garderobe
08 Evermore (Demo)
23 A Bracing Cup of Tea
32 You Must Go to Him
01 Overture
36 You Came Back
09 Main Title: Prologue
02 Main Title: Prologue, Pt. 1
34 Castle Under Attack
07 How Does a Moment Last Forever (Montmartre)
03 Main Title: Prologue, Pt. 2
30 Beast Takes a Bath
11 Your Mother
05 How Does a Moment Last Forever (Music Box)
12 The Laverie
33 Belle Stops the Wagon
10 Belle Meets Gaston
35 Turret Pursuit
15 A White Rose
21 A Petal Drops
04 Aria (Demo)
27 Colonnade Chat
14 Entering the Castle
13 Wolf Chase
20 There's a Beast
31 The Dress
29 Maurice Accuses Gaston
17 Meet the Staff
18 Home (Extended Mix)
25 Wolves Attack Belle
16 The Beast
24 The West Wing
26 The Library
37 Transformations
28 The Plague

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'Beauty and the Beast' es el nuevo disco donde el compositor Alan Menken nos presenta varias de sus canciones

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Canciones Alan Menken

1 Days in the Sun (Demo) letra
2 Madame de Garderobe letra
3 Evermore (Demo) letra
4 A Bracing Cup of Tea letra
5 You Must Go to Him letra

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