Bad Religion - Bad Religion

Bad Religion - Bad Religion Disco: Bad Religion CD
Estilo Música : Pop Rock
Artista: Bad Religion
Album: (2019)
Tracklist : 14
Visitas: 438
Mas Votadas:
"Chaos From Within"
"My Sanity"
"Do The Paranoid Style"
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Letras de canciones

02 My Sanity
07 Age Of Unreason
14 What Tomorrow Brings
06 End Of History
08 Candidate
05 Lose Your Head
04 The Approach
03 Do The Paranoid Style
11 Big Black Dog
01 Chaos From Within
12 Downfall
10 Old Regime
13 Since Now
09 Faces Of Grief

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Canciones Bad Religion

1 Ad Hominem letra
2 New Dark Ages letra
3 My Sanity letra
4 True North letra
5 Robin Hood In Reverse letra

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