The Dissent Of Man - Bad Religion

Disco: The Dissent Of Man CD
Estilo: Pop Rock
Artista: Bad Religion
Album: (2010)
Traks: 15
Visitas: 956
Mas Votadas:
"The Day That The Earth Stalled"
"Only Rain"
"The Resist Stance"
Estilo: Pop Rock del Disco The Dissent Of Man del álbum cd de Música: 2010 con letras de canciones y videos musicales

Letras de canciones

Playlist Bad Religion
013 Ad Hominem
005 The Devil In Stitches
004 Won't Somebody
002 Only Rain
003 The Resist Stance
010 Avalon
008 Meeting Of The Minds
011 Cyanide
007 Wrong Way Kids
015 I Won't Say Anything
006 Pride And The Pallor
014 Where The Fun Is
009 Someone To Believe
012 Turn Your Back On Me
001 The Day That The Earth Stalled

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The Dissent Of Man es el titulo del decimoquinto trabajo discográfico de la banda de Hardcore punk Californiana donde fueron 3 los singles que estuvieron en lista como fueron las canciones "The Devil in Stitches","Cyanide" y "Wrong Way Kids".

Éste es el tracklist del álbum:
1. "The Day That the Earth Stalled" 1:23
2. "Only Rain"
3. "The Resist Stance"
4. "Won't Somebody"
5. "The Devil in Stitches"
6. "Pride and the Pallor"
7. "Wrong Way Kids"
8. "Meeting of the Minds"
9. "Someone to Believe"
10. "Avalon"
11. "Cyanide"
12. "Turn Your Back on Me"
13. "Ad Hominem"
14. "Where the Fun Is"
15. "I Won't Say Anything"

Video Bad Religion

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