Anastasia (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - Christy Altomare

Christy Altomare - Anastasia (Original Broadway Cast Recording) Disco: Anastasia (Original Broadway Cast Recording) CD
Estilo Música : Bandas Sonoras
Artista: Christy Altomare
Album: (2017)
Tracklist : 27
Visitas: 527
Mas Votadas:
(Prologue: Once Upon a December) "A Rumor in St. Petersburg"
"In My Dreams"
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Letras de canciones

07 Once Upon a December
17 In a Crowd of Thousands
19 Quartet at the Ballet
24 Still/The Neva Flows (Reprise)
27 Viaje Tiempo Atras (Journey to the Past in Spanish)
11 Journey to the Past
03 In My Dreams
08 Stay, I Pray You
15 Land of Yesterday
16 The Countess and the Common Man
13 Crossing a Bridge
05 The Neva Flows
12 Paris Holds the Key (To Your Heart)
02 A Rumor in St. Petersburg
26 Paris Hold the Key (to Your Heart)
04 Learn to Do It
01 Prologue: Once Upon a December
09 We'll Go from There
23 Everything to Win (Reprise)
20 Everything to Win
06 My Petersburg
18 Meant to Be
22 The Press Conference
14 Close the Door
21 Once Upon a December (Reprise)
10 Still
25 Finale

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Canciones Christy Altomare

1 Once Upon a December letra
2 In a Crowd of Thousands letra
3 Quartet at the Ballet letra
4 Still/The Neva Flows (Reprise) letra
5 Viaje Tiempo Atras (Journey to the Past in Spanish) letra

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