Wonderful, Glorious - Eels

Disco: Wonderful, Glorious CD
Estilo: Pop Rock
Artista: Eels
Album: (2013)
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"Peach Blossom"
"On The Ropes"
"New Alphabet"
Estilo: Pop Rock del Disco Wonderful, Glorious del álbum cd de Música: 2013 con letras de canciones y videos musicales

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Playlist Eels
002 On The Ropes
003 New Alphabet
001 Peach Blossom

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Wonderful, Glorious es el décimo álbum de estudio del grupo Eels que ns presentaba recientemente su primeros singles titulados "Peach Blossom" y "New Alphabet"/"I'm Your Brave Little Soldier".

Éste es el racklist del álbum:

Bombs Away" –
"Kinda Fuzzy" –
"Accident Prone" –
"Peach Blossom" –
"On the Ropes" –
"The Turnaround" –
"New Alphabet" –
"Stick Together" –
"True Original" –
"Open My Present" –
"You're My Friend" –
"I Am Building a Shrine" –
"Wonderful, Glorious" –

Bonus tracks on Deluxe Edition

"Hold On to Your Hat" – 0:46
"Your Mama Warned You" –
"I'm Your Brave Little Soldier" – "There's Something Strange" – "Happy Hour (We're Ronna Rock)" –
"That's Not Really Funny" (Live 2011) –
"In My Dreams" (Live 2010) –
"Prizefighter" (Live 2010) – "Looking Up" (Live 2011) –
"What I Have to Offer" (Live at KEXP) –
"I Like the Way This Is Going" (Live at KEXP) –
"Spectacular Girl" (Live at KEXP) –
"Summer in the City" (Live at KEXP) –

Video Eels

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