Sacred Hearts Club - Foster the People

Disco: Sacred Hearts Club CD
Estilo Música : Pop Rock
Artista: Foster the People
Album: (2017)
Tracklist : 12
Visitas: 1599
Mas Votadas:
"Sit Next to Me"
"Pay the Man"
"Doing It for the Money"
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Letras de canciones

03 Sit Next to Me
07 Static Space Lover
12 III
05 I Love My Friends
04 SHC
01 Pay the Man
08 Lotus Eater
11 Harden the Paint
10 Loyal Like Sid & Nancy
09 Time to Get Closer
02 Doing It for the Money
06 Orange Dream

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Canciones Foster the People

1 Pumped Up Kicks letra
2 Imagination letra
3 Houdini letra
4 Waste letra
5 Call It What You Want letra

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