Sacred Hearts Club - Foster the People

Disco: Sacred Hearts Club CD
Estilo: Pop Rock
Artista: Foster the People
Album: (2017)
Traks: 12
Visitas: 252
Mas Votadas:
"Sit Next to Me"
"Pay the Man"
"Doing It for the Money"
Estilo: Pop Rock del Disco Sacred Hearts Club del álbum cd de Música: 2017 con letras de canciones y videos musicales

Letras de canciones

Playlist Foster the People
003 Sit Next to Me
007 Static Space Lover
010 Loyal Like Sid & Nancy
005 I Love My Friends
011 Harden the Paint
008 Lotus Eater
006 Orange Dream
009 Time to Get Closer
004 SHC
012 III
001 Pay the Man
002 Doing It for the Money

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Video Foster the People

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Canciones Foster the People

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2 Pumped Up Kicks letra
3 Call It What You Want letra
4 Miss You letra
5 Helena Beat letra

Discos Foster the People

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