Spider-Man: Homecoming - Michael Giacchino

Michael Giacchino - Spider-Man: Homecoming Disco: Spider-Man: Homecoming CD
Estilo Música : Bandas Sonoras
Artista: Michael Giacchino
Album: (2017)
Tracklist : 22
Visitas: 845
Mas Votadas:
(Theme (From "Spider Man")) (The World Is Changing) (Academic Decommitment)
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Letras de canciones

22 Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite
04 High Tech Heist
21 No Frills Proto COOL!
02 The World Is Changing
03 Academic Decommitment
05 On a Ned-To-Know Basis
06 Drag Racing / An Old Van Rundown
08 No Vault of His Own
01 Theme (From "Spider Man")
10 The Baby Monitor Protocol
13 Ferry Dust Up
17 Lift Off
20 A Stark Contrast
15 Pop Vulture
07 Webbed Surveillance
09 Monumental Meltdown
12 A Boatload of Trouble, Pt. 2
19 Vulture Clash
18 Fly-By-Night Operation
14 Stark Raving Mad
16 Bussed a Move
11 A Boatload of Trouble, Pt. 1

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Canciones Michael Giacchino

1 Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite letra
2 There's No Place Like Home letra
3 High Tech Heist letra
4 Your Father Would Be Proud letra
5 Guardians of the Whills Suite letra

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