Defying Gravity - Mr. Big

Disco: Defying Gravity CD
Estilo Música : Metal
Artista: Mr. Big
Album: (2017)
Tracklist : 11
Visitas: 443
Mas Votadas:
(Open Your Eyes) "Defying Gravity"
"Everybody Needs a Little Trouble"
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Letras de canciones

04 Damn I'm in Love Again
07 Forever and Back
02 Defying Gravity
01 Open Your Eyes
03 Everybody Needs a Little Trouble
08 She's All Coming Back to Me Now
09 1992
06 Nothing Bad (Bout Feeling Good)
10 Nothing at All
05 Mean to Me
11 Be Kind

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Canciones Mr. Big

1 Damn I'm in Love Again letra
2 Forever and Back letra
3 Defying Gravity letra
4 Open Your Eyes letra
5 Everybody Needs a Little Trouble letra

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