Pixies - Indie Cindy álbum [Pop Rock] (2014)

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Disco: Indie Cindy
Estilo: [Pop Rock]
Artista: Pixies
Album: (2014)
Traks: 10
Visitas: 642
Mas Votadas:
"What Goes Boom"
"Greens And Blues"
"Indie Cindy"

Estilo: Pop Rock del Disco Indie Cindy del álbum cd de Música: 2014 con letras de canciones y videos musicales

Tracklist Indie Cindy con Letras

005 Magdalena 318
004 Bagboy
010 Snakes
002 Greens And Blues
003 Indie Cindy
009 Andro Queen
006 Silver Snail
007 Blue Eyed Hexe
008 Another Toe In The Ocean
001 What Goes Boom

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2 Andro Queen
3 Where Is My Mind?
4 Indie Cindy
5 Head Carrier
6 Here Comes Your Man
7 All I Think About Now
8 Classic Masher
9 Bone Machine
10 What Goes Boom


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