Only Ghosts - Red Fang

Disco: Only Ghosts CD
Estilo: Metal
Artista: Red Fang
Album: (2016)
Traks: 12
Visitas: 120
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"Cut It Short"
Estilo: Metal del Disco Only Ghosts del álbum cd de Música: 2016 con letras de canciones y videos musicales

Letras de canciones

Playlist Red Fang
002 Cut It Short
009 I Am a Ghost
004 No Air
006 Not for You
007 The Smell of the Sound
012 One Hit Two Hit
003 Flames
011 Dumb Guy
008 The Deep
001 Flies
010 Living in Lye
005 Shadows

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Video Red Fang

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Canciones Red Fang

1 Cut It Short letra
2 I Am a Ghost letra
3 No Air letra
4 Not for You letra
5 One Hit Two Hit letra

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