The Vikings - Trevor Morris

Disco: The Vikings CD
Estilo: Bandas Sonoras
Artista: Trevor Morris
Album: (2013)
Traks: 38
Visitas: 162
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"If I Had a Heart"
"Battle Field"
"The Eye of Odin"
Estilo: Bandas Sonoras del Disco The Vikings del álbum cd de Música: 2013 con letras de canciones y videos musicales

Letras de canciones

Playlist Trevor Morris
032 Vikings Attack
001 If I Had a Heart
011 Ragnar Recruits
028 Sending the Earl to Valhalla
022 Battle on the Beach
019 Vikings Sail Home
018 Floki's Fire
034 Rollo Left Behind
021 Mano e Mano
036 The Ash Tree
003 The Eye of Odin
035 Ragnar Meets the Naked Woman
020 Vikings in Hexham
012 Seduction
006 Northern Lights / Entry to Kattegat
005 Journey to Kattegat
038 An Uncertain World
004 Of Fathers and Sons
029 Ragnar Takes the Throne
023 Athelstan asks for Freedom
017 Vikings Attack Village
008 You Shall not enter Valhalla
009 Meeting Floki
033 Rollo is Baptised
030 The Angel of Death
013 Vikings Set Sail
024 Ragnar Challenges the Earl
007 The Sunstone
031 Lagertha Oversees Dispute
010 Ragnar's Sail
014 North Sea Storm
027 Ragnar Fights the Earl
016 Vikings Reach Land
037 Aslaug is with Child
025 Making a Deal
026 Earl Accepts the Challenge
002 Battle Field
015 Madness Takes Hold

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Canciones Trevor Morris

1 Vikings Attack letra
2 If I Had a Heart letra
3 Ragnar Recruits letra
4 Sending the Earl to Valhalla letra
5 Battle on the Beach letra

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