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A Burning Water con 19 años ,Con un estilo de Musica Pop Rock. Tiene 1 discos agregados , 11 letras de canciones y 9966 visitas. Último álbum agregado We Can See The Sky From Here en el año 0 con la letra "Retract" como la canción más escuchada del disco. Utiliza el Buscador de canciones personalizado para encontrar tus canciones favoritas.

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1 Introduction

2 So Much You Hide Fire burns me brighter than ever before water runs through these open door wanting to remain lock forever i forgive words that you say your lies ...

We Can See The Sky From Here (0)

3 A Passing Wish The night is warm as I lie asleep a life is lost when they broke in and the air is cold and my skin is bare the door swings open as i fight for lif ...

We Can See The Sky From Here (0)

4 Out In The Dark Lets fight the now light that fire and burn it down bring it down bring it down we make our fate the time is now all together all the same its no ...

We Can See The Sky From Here (0)

5 This Is A Test

6 The Instrumental

7 Missles And Markers Created picture plains with the sky permission to land or we'll dissolve into air with a heavy heart we'll mark the fiction here it's over now We c ...

We Can See The Sky From Here (0)

8 In Failed Attempts Failed attempts in understanding only brought me here consequently i just wanted you today clearly it was the apprehension that stained the ceiling ...

We Can See The Sky From Here (0)

9 These Ruins Under the amazing sun the ingrown tone speaks to cancel out the tears but i remember well of once remembered states of emptiness the water is r ...

We Can See The Sky From Here (0)

10 Patience Is Me the way she moved the way she kissed it ended all tonight and I know that time is ticking by I faded out he faded in your distaste for the wo ...

We Can See The Sky From Here (0)

11 Retract Rise when we fall do we take form in time do we care how we live fold your side where to speak where to die still in this war set fire to i ...

We Can See The Sky From Here (0)

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