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OMI con 31 años ,Con un estilo de Musica Dance. Tiene 2 discos agregados , 13 letras de canciones y 2009 visitas. Último álbum agregado Me 4 U en el año 2015 con la letra "These Are The Days Luca Schreiner Remix" como la canción más escuchada del disco. Utiliza el Buscador de canciones personalizado para encontrar tus canciones favoritas.

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1 Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn remix) When I need motivation My one solution is my queen 'cause she' stays strong yeah yeah she is always in my corner right there when I want her all ...
Cheerleader (2014)

2 Hula Hoop Rollerskates, them lines Hot sun and clear blue skies The waves are crashing by And when she passed me by And gave a wink and smile And I was on ...
Me 4 U (2015)

3 Hitchhiker All my life I spent chasing the pretty lights And how they shine, but they never kept me warm How many times did I once let love come and go? Was i ...

Me 4 U (2015)

4 Drop In The Ocean Waiting here patiently for you to say that You sent him on his way, you sent him on his way And I know you're worried, been tossing and turning It' ...

Me 4 U (2015)

5 Babylon I started thinking I got something to prove You tried to tell me we had nothing to lose Cause when we danced together, we were one pair of shoes Ca ...

Me 4 U (2015)

6 Fireworks Said she wants more than fireworks tonight More like than a stick of dynamite And everyone from next door Can hear the explosions Plus she wants ...

Me 4 U (2015)

7 Promised Land I guess it's time that I run far away I recognise all the things that's being said I'm leaving this now I'm leaving this now I try to find a pie ...

Me 4 U (2015)

8 Me 4 U I've got a man with the heart of a giant And I couldn't ask for more He makes me feel like a beautiful woman So glad he's mine, I'll never let him ...

Me 4 U (2015)

9 Stir It I know what I want And I want it right now, right now I know what I need And I need right now, right now Cause you're looking at me Like you're t ...

Me 4 U (2015)

10 Standing On All Threes You got me standing on all threes Pretty little girl in the short jeans 'Bout to confirm it and concrete You make me can't sleep Cause you got m ...

Me 4 U (2015)

11 Midnight Serenade feat. Erik Hassle On the back streets of JA, think I made it through another day Think I'll give it another shot to get you out of my head And the angels rescue me, s ...

Me 4 U (2015)

12 Sing It Out Loud (Freddy Verano Remix) People always say that the world today is a crazy place Cause all the things that made a lot of sense took a holiday Like you and me and the love we ...

Me 4 U (2015)

13 These Are The Days Luca Schreiner Remix You try to find her at the bottom of the bottle But she's gone Nothing you seem to do can heal the wounds And start to right these wrongs The on ...

Me 4 U (2015)


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