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R5 con 18 años ,Con un estilo de Musica Pop Rock. Tiene 2 discos agregados , 11 letras de canciones y 2996 visitas. Último álbum agregado New Addictions en el año 2017 con la letra "Trading Time" como la canción más escuchada del disco. Utiliza el Buscador de canciones personalizado para encontrar tus canciones favoritas.

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1 If [Verse 1] All my days run together like whiskey and Coke All my nights last forever like the Rolling Stones All up in your timeline, double tapping ...

New Addictions (2017)

2 Lay Your Head Down [Chorus] Lay your head down with me, darling Pick your heart up off the floor If you need some, give me something I know, yeah, I know [Verse 1 ...

New Addictions (2017)

3 Pass Me By Remember that trip we took in Mexico yea hanging with the boys and all your senoritas. I never spoke up yea I never said hello, but I keep on tryin ...
Louder (2013)

4 Red Velvet (feat. New Beat Fund) [Intro: Ross] I keep telling 'em too I keep telling 'em [Verse 1: Ross] She likes to make me think that I'm a freak, just for her velvet All wr ...

New Addictions (2017)

5 Need You Tonight [Intro] Come over here, ow [Verse 1] All you got is this moment The twenty-first century's yesterday You can care all you want Everybody does, ...

New Addictions (2017)

6 Trading Time [Verse 1] Ooh, girl, I'm tired of these nights, they come and go, yeah Ooh, love, I wonder what you like and what you know, yeah I been catching th ...

New Addictions (2017)

7 Loud Looking for the one tonight But I can't see you Cause I'm blinded by all the lights, ooh And I can never get it right I need a breakthrough Why ...

Louder (2013)

8 Fallin' for You You like mismatched socks with polka dots You like your pizza cold; I think that's hot You like to swim at night when the moon is full You think th ...

Louder (2013)

9 Cali Girls Drop top, sitting next to Cee-Lo Pacific coast highway This happens every day And our song keeps playing on the radio Like 20 times a day Man t ...

Louder (2013)

10 Here Comes Forever I'm like that boom box outside of your window I'm that De Lorean blowing past 88 And where we're going girl, Won't be needing roads 'cause, Oo oo ...

Louder (2013)

11 I Want U Bad In the back of a taxi cab, Just one turn and it happened fast, We touched hands and we pulled them back, yeah, I want you bad! And even though ...

Louder (2013)

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