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Twiztid con 17 años ,Con un estilo de Música Hip Hop. Tiene 1 discos agregados , 12 letras de canciones y 14 visitas. Último álbum agregado The Continuous Evilution of Life's ?'s en el año 2017 con la letra "1k Hells 2 Find My Heaven" como la canción más escuchada del disco. Utiliza el Buscador personalizado para encontrar tus canciones favoritas.

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  • 1k Hells 2 Find My Heaven
  • + Are You Insane Like Me? [Hook] Tell me are you out of your mind? Are you really fucking out of your mind? (Are you insane like me!?) Tell me...
  • Barely Surviving (Ride or Die)
  • Black Clouds
  • Come On Let's Get High
  • Dead & Gone (Unh-Stop)
  • I Got These Feelings
  • + Kill Somebody [Intro] Should I chop 'em? Time to cut 'em Maybe shoot 'em? Kill 'em all! Use an axe or a Glock A knife or a chainsa...
  • Long Road Home
  • + Nothing to You [Intro: Monoxide] Tell me we're not the same x3 [Verse 1: Jamie Madrox] Chemicals in your brain Power trip when yo...
  • + Psychomania (feat. Boondox, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, G-Mo Skee, Lex the Hex Master & The R.O.C) [Intro] Your insanity is undisputedly complete What are you doing here? You have no right to... Of course I have no r...
  • That's Why They All Hate Us More Than You'll Ever Know

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