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    Wilkinson con 17 años ,Con un estilo de Música Electronica. Tiene 3 discos agregados , 15 letras de canciones y 1140 visitas. Último álbum agregado Hypnotic en el año 2017 con la letra "Flatline (feat. Wretch 32)" como la canción más escuchada del disco. Utiliza el Buscador personalizado para encontrar tus canciones favoritas.

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    • + Afterglow Even though the dancing's done Don't worry 'cause the night is young Who cares where we go We're ready for the afterg...
    • Brand New
    • + Breathe (feat. Shannon Saunders) My hair down, head back Move slow, slowly over Watching you, you like that The way I move a little closer We don't...
    • Faded (feat. Negin Djafari)
    • + Flatline (feat. Wretch 32) Flatlines every time We go wild, yeah, everybody clear? Flatlines every time We go wild, yeah, everybody clear? 78...
    • Heaven (feat. Shannon Saunders)
    • Hypnotic (feat. Youngman)
    • In the Dark (feat. Livvi Franc)
    • Let You Know
    • Only the Innocent (feat. Raphaella
    • Run (feat. Jem Cooke)
    • + Sweet Lies (feat. Karen Harding) Softly. Here upon my pillow When the words are spoken And you're here with me alone Your kiss. Ignorance is my bl...
    • Take Us Home (feat. Andreya Triana)
    • Wash Away
    • We Will Be (feat. Matt Wills)

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