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Zak Abel de Londres, Reino Unido () con 23 años ,Con un estilo de Musica Soul. Tiene 2 discos agregados , 14 letras de canciones y 408 visitas. Último álbum agregado Singles en el año 2018 con la letra "Love Song" como la canción más escuchada del disco. Utiliza el Buscador de canciones personalizado para encontrar tus canciones favoritas.

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1 Unstable [Verse 1] You're up, I'm just getting in So rough, God knows where I've been Your eyes are staring at my sins There's no time to speak our minds ...

Only When We're Naked (2017)

2 Love Song [Verse 1] I guess this is what you get Throwing pebbles in the ocean, yeah Watching ripples as they spread Turning to waves and come back again O ...

Singles (2018)

3 All I Ever Do (Is Say Goodbye) Too young, they fold That's just the way life goes One more empty home Can't eat, won't sleep, missing a part of me Things are different now you'r ...

Only When We're Naked (2017)

4 Still Want UUU Broken, bruised and burned But the lesson's never learned Twisted tight and turned But I like the way it hurts I don't know what to do with my ...

Only When We're Naked (2017)

5 The River On a cab drive home from the dark side Hearing fat lip preach from the far side I was told about her, I was told about her As we stopped in front o ...

Only When We're Naked (2017)

6 Only When We're Naked Baby, let me know you Nothing but the whole truth I wanna see the side of you You don't reveal Love me at your loudest Let me see your wildest ...

Only When We're Naked (2017)

7 Deserve to Be Loved [Verse 1] I spent most of my time complaining Don't I feel I have enough? For what exactly am I waiting? Don't I deserve to be loved? People sa ...

Only When We're Naked (2017)

8 Broken Don't wanna give you promises that I can't keep I don't wanna waste your time A little after midnight just before I sleep There's nothing but you o ...

Only When We're Naked (2017)

9 Awakening I been reachin' out To someone in that big light house I could feel me sinkin' down Swimmin' against the tide that I divide I thought I'd lost it ...

Only When We're Naked (2017)

10 Winging It

11 Hero

12 Beautiful Life Take the broken pieces, put them in a suitcase and drive Don't know where we're going, heading for the big city lights Starting tonight, we're mak ...

Only When We're Naked (2017)

13 One More

14 Rock Bottom (feat. Wretch 32) [Intro: Wretch 32] Next time I'm rock bottom Imma take them rocks and sling shot them to the top And pray the rain gon' stop Raining on me Rainin ...

Only When We're Naked (2017)

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