Madee - Transference 2 del disco L'Antarctica

Transference 2 - Madee

And how it feels to disapear
to be so free that you can't see
and how i't goes to start a life
erasing people you once loved
To walk alone on river bank
sand put a slingshot in our hands
to dran your fear into the sea
clash into walls that we once built
You'll know now,you know?

To fry yourself on balconiest
o rub your eyes to see things clear
to light a match to celebrate
that you survived another plague
take a step forward,gain respecttalk to me frankly,no regrets
to ring a doorbell to the unknow
to earn a fortune,to have luck
You'll know now,you know?

Refuse commitments you can't take
to use your body as an instrumentto seel yourself to get a chanceto be a organ,an elementmaybe the core is what you werelet's see who will go down this time
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