Skrillex - Kyoto del disco Bangarang

Kyoto - Skrillex

(feat. Sirah)

Bass makes that bitch cum!
Yo Skrill drop it hard!

Check! [x4]

Yo Skril drop it hard!

Check! [x4]

[Sirah Says:]
Chillin' in Kyoto grand with my man Skrills
Ye's nigga Nickatine say fuck a fast bill
We got a white girl so we make those Skrill checks
Fuck a white girl tour, ill neck
Karate chop her grill bits
I kill
Born from the center of a storm
All the boys rappin' rhymes about their hard bitch
I'm harder
Martyr to the swagger on the corner
Be Kyoto with the drums as the bass makes that bitch cum!

Bass makes that bitch cum!

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