The Free Fall Band - When The Apple Tree del disco Elephants Never Forget

When The Apple Tree - The Free Fall Band

There are no gardeners left,
in the gardens of Eden.
There are no souls to testify
how alone Ive been these years, on my own.

Love hurts,
But that makes it better.
If we could be together,
I guess by now wed know.
Bittersweet beginnings, again.

Of all of the things my patience gave me,
the worthiest was wine.
And of all of the things that clogged our sight,
we failed to realize there will be no time.
So block your lungs, dont let them know you breathe.

Time makes it better.
If we could live forever,
I guess by now wed know.
Take my heart, please keep it, or let me go.

There will be no love,
There will be no time.
Will there still be you, when the apple tree?
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