The Free Fall Band - Electric Virgin Mary del disco Elephants Never Forget

Electric Virgin Mary - The Free Fall Band

[HUMANITY]: As Virgin Mary walks away,
Through rebel streets of morning scent, she looks across,
She moves like the perils of her life have been lost;
And changing points of view,
A little call that gets her down and breaks you through:

[VIRGIN MARY]: Oh Lord! I canít believe that the meaningís so gone ... My parents traded a goat and a cow and a fucking lamb,
For a dry and steep and uphill piece of land.

[GOD]: Iím sorry Mary. If you knew economy,
Youíd know thatís an offer you couldnít reject:
Iím referring to the land, not the lamb!
They chose the carpenter for a reason; darling,
Wooden souls last longer.
I canít believe, I canít believe that my blessingís a nuisance,
Oh these days!

[HUMANITY]: And as she stares the ground, she wonders:

[VIRGIN MARY]: Should I sell my dreams or fight somehow?
Oh Lord, I canít believe my decisionís so numb.
Please change this, my Lord.
Why choose me, Lord?

[GOD]: Forget your mother, forget your friends.
Forget your 8th grade first High School dance.
Forget your love and forget youíre someone,
Forgive their lies and forsake your troubles.
Youíre going to be a symbol, Mary!
Look outside, the new age waits for our son to arise.
Populus memento!

[HUMANITY]: Itís hard to imagine though these days,
A Virgin Mary rebel in so many ways.
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