Cassie - Paradise feat. Wiz Khalifa del disco RockaByeBaby

Paradise feat. Wiz Khalifa - Cassie

So hot, don't know what to do
Cause I'm so shy, I'm fucking with you

I know what I wanna, no shame no hatin'
But if that's your date then you need a replacement
No shame no hatin', no lines no hatin'
No body language, no conversations

Just meet me in the back of the room
When I found out that you're here
I want to do it here, I think we should fake it
You can be my souvenir

Yeah, cause kissin' you was very nice
The rest of you is paradise
Got me shakin' like a pair of dice
Body rollin' like a pair of dice
I be fuckin' with him every night
Fuckin' with him every night

I know what I want now
No wait, No patience
Don't trip, Don't say shit
Private Location
No shade, No hatin'
Your girl can't say shit
Loud body language, No conversation

Just let me do whatever with you
Give me some I'm not scared
Give it back, yea I'll share
Vacation at my place
I can be your souvenir

Yeah, cause kissin' you was very nice
The rest of you is paradise

[Wiz Khalifa]
I walked in through the back
Can't go through the front, my engine go in the back
Trunk go in the front
She was givin' me brains while I was rollin' one up
When I shoot it I score
When I hit it she jump
Don't see no keys when I'm pullin' up...
Iím buying a dog, I donít like to tease her
Oh you ainít heard?
Iím in the game
And I ainít on stage darling but scream my name
So the next stepís we go get a plane
Then we fly a place where donít nobody know us
Then Iím gonna wait to say what you want
Then Iím going in for a taste, especially below your waist
I got a plan for the place, I got a band for the case
You tell me play my cards right
I got a hand full of aces
Fucking with you every night,
Body looking very tight
And Iím...

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