Sons of the Sea - Space and Time del disco Compass

Space and Time - Sons of the Sea

Well I read the words you wrote Like a rope around my neck If I ran I'd lose your vote Maybe I should hit the deck Do I dare to cross your moat And salvage this old shipwreck?

Well the dead are speaking here Through the things they've left behind In a letter inked in tears And emotion stamped and signed The messages aren't always clear But diamonds inside you'll find

Spending half the time Holding onto 'what is mine' But there's enough space & time To go around What goes around, comes around It's coming around It's coming around

Love's a cup that's always full But with you I'm not so sure A relentless push and pull While we look for what's still pure Maybe we'll find a time capsule And welcome it to the future!

Spending half the time…

Now I need your antidote Only you can write that cheque Do you dare to cross my moat And salvage this old shipwreck?

Spending half the time…
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