Avril Lavigne - Rock 'n Roll del disco Avril Lavigne


Rock 'n Roll - Avril Lavigne

Rock And Roll (Rock Ní Roll)

Let em know that weíre still Rock n Roll

I donít care about my makeup
I like it better with my jeans all ripped up
Donít know how to keep my mouth shut
You say so what (what)

I doní t care if Iím misfit
I like it better than the hipster of all shit
I am the mother f-cking princess
You still love me

Some some how
Itís a little different when
Iím with you
You know what I really am
On the phone
You know how it really goes
Some some way
Weíll be getting out of this
Time one day

Youíre the only that I
Want with me
You know how the story goes

When itís you and me
We donít need no one to tell us who to be
Weíll keep turning up the radio
Well itís you and I
Just put up a middle finger to the sky
Let them know weíre still rock Ďn roll
Rock Ďn roll
Hey hey hey
Rock Ďn roll
Hey Hey Hey

Donít get a bad attitude dude
Iím never going to cover up that tattoo
I might have a couple issues
You say me too (yeah)
Donít care about a reputation
Must be living in the wrong generation
This is your invitation
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