Conor Obers - Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch) del disco Ruminations

Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch) - Conor Obers

Just because you got it
You don't have to flaunt it
With an endless stream

of famous men
Pretty as a portrait
Looked like Mamah Borthwick
On that Shining Brow of Taliesin
Someone might try and burn it down
So you'll have to put the fire out
Fortunes spent
but that's irrelevant to build something that's sacred till the end
It cost twenty dollars
to visit Fallingwater
It's the perfect house where no one lives
Maybe someone once did
but they got evicted by a busload full of greedy tourists
And it would take a time machine
To fulfill all of my fantasies
a hidden dream can be embarrassing
And the only thing
that's sacred till the end
Every time I tempt fate
There's a major earthquake
Heard the people scream
as the ceiling fell
Every building damaged
Only one left standing
It was Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel
A rumination in my mind
Winding like the ramp at the Guggenheim
I'm not content
But I'm feeling hesitant to build something that's sacred till the end
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