IU - Dlwlrma del disco Palette


Dlwlrma - IU

This is a secret
When I tell you this story
That I havenít told to anyone before
Youíll ask with big eyes
How wow wow

I flew over from that faraway future
Past the spilling stars
Fly fly fly

You know, even there
Itís filled with fools
So actually, whatís shining even brighter is
Now now now

This day, this moment
Weíre dazzling, beautiful
These fireworks wonít end
Ooh Whatever

On cloudy days
It was so black, it was scary
The coy sun wasnít hot at all
It was a peacock
Blue blue blue Whatever

Every day
I took the freely blowing wind
Braided it into this compass
Which pointed to where I discovered
Oh Thatís you you yes, you

Hey, those kinds of things
Theyíre just small rocks
Whatís shining is right here
Life is cool cool cool

Thereís a lot of time
At this rate, wonít we live forever?
Hello, my star
Yes, Iím going to see you
Tada! Elegant entrance

This day, this moment
Weíre dazzling, beautiful
I know for sure
Todayís fireworks
Wonít end

Whatís more amazing
Is that itís starting from now on
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