IU - Full Stop del disco Palette


Full Stop - IU

I already knew what you meant
I know how you feel too
One more day, just one more day
I wanted to delay it

I should, in the end, some day
Start the hardest homework
Sorry that my last goodbye was so late

Iíll miss you a lot
But I donít ever wanna see you again

It hurts and Iíll cry
But I never want to smile because of you again

True feelings we shared piece by piece
Answers that were so easy
Several seasons that we loved unforgettably
Goodbye, Goodbye to it all

I think I know everything
But I donít want any more understanding
I want to ask you
But I donít want to hear your answer

Your unchanging and honest eyes
The winter ocean that we promised
Days of my youth that were unforgettably happy
Goodbye, Goodbye to it all

Goodbye to it all
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