Broken Social Scene - Mouth Guards of the Apocalypse del disco Hug of Thunder

Mouth Guards of the Apocalypse - Broken Social Scene

How did this happen
Yeah, everybody quit
It's dancer and hatred
And the radio sounds like shit
If you can't help me
Then help someone like me
'cause it all went away, and it went quietly

Words of hope are a joke for the numb
The poets a liar and we all want some
It's me and it's you and it's all I can do
To not jump from the building
Jump right into you

Our heroes are dicks
We don't pay to protect them
If zero's a lover
I can't get a correction
The truth, the truth
That fabulous lie
I'm tired of smiling
While you constantly die

I don't wanna be scared
Or addicted to the dream
This fight is a ghost
Whose suicide was unseen
I'm done, I'm done
I wanna kill all my friends
I wanna grab them from the dark
And show them their end

It's you
It's me
And it's all we believe
I'm trying for the living and I'm staying
So I can leave

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