Chevalier - Wrath of Steel del disco Chapitre II

Wrath of Steel - Chevalier

Far in the horizon swarms glimmering steel
Men prepare for war in armour and shield
Look into their eyes, se what they can't disguise
The fear and doubt creeps under their skin

Gather the courage, convince each other
Glory and honour will befall at our feet

Bolting horses, men plunge to their death
Gleaming swords flash before a dying breath
Panic taking over, you feel the presence of death
The ground stained crimson, soon you'll feel its cold caress

We know we must fight, we cannot retreat
We know we'll soon face the wrath of steel

Screams of pain, the dying moan
Your final hour is ticking slow
Among the ruins trampled and beat
You feel the wrath of steel

We thought we were strong, we thought we were brave, now we
plead our enemy to finish us off

Think of you children, your loved ones, your life
What could've been now fades out of sight
A life once worth living, scattered by greed
Delusion has led us to destroy our dreams

With blood in your mouth you reach for the blade
Gather what's left, try to brave
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