Jack Ingram - Hey You del disco Hey You


Hey You - Jack Ingram

J. Ingram/T. Littlefield

Donít you ever get tired of the noise
Donít you ever get bored with the crowd
If they have so much to say
Would they have to talk so loud
Why donít we get out of here
ĎCause I want to whisper in your ear

Hey you
Are you listening to me
Iíve got to tell you what you mean to me
Youíre the one I want to tell my secrets to
Hey you

Thereís some things I need to say
Thereís some things weíve got to talk about
Iíve got to have your full attention
I donít want to have to shout
Even though youíre right here near me
I wonder if you ever hear me


Everybodyís dyiní to be heard
Everybody they want to know why
Everybodyís got to have the last word
And itís always got to be goodbye
Why donít we get out of here
I want to whisper in your ear


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