A Day At The Fair - And My Name's Dignan, So What del disco The Rocking Chair Years


And My Name's Dignan, So What - A Day At The Fair

I know it's where we had to end, the torch we doused we lit again, the flame of our affliction kept us holding on for far away, the dreams we had the loathe we made, the times we drank ourselves to sleep to wake up to what we believe. It's what we had and what we need. We'll wonder how good it could get, much better than this. I'm in the good life now, I see myself, smiling bigger and wider than you ever knew how. I'm in the good life now, all by myself, getting better with every regret I allow. I guess it's where the time begins when you get drunk and call again, and I can't sit here listening to had bad you want to pave the way, to drink yourself like Hemmingway, so you can make a memory for things you never tended to, in every girl that I'll go through. They'll wonder how good it can get... Much better than this... I hear from you're friends you're still alive, I guess I wasted those wishes on noth

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