Recopilatorios (2007) - Oh la la - Morandi del disco Disco Estrella 2007 Volumen 10

Oh la la - Morandi - Recopilatorios (2007)

I've been searching all around the world
Always looking for my special girl
On your lips I find the sweetest thing
I'm gonna kiss you in a million ways
Oh, don't want no Angelina, no Britney or Christina,
'cause all I want is you la la...
Oh, I'll be no Casanova with Ana Kournikova,
'cause all I want is you la la.../Hit me

I feel the fire burning in your eyes
A magic potion got us hypnotised
I'm so freacky for your afterglow
Lift me up where we're in danger zone

Bridge: Tonight we're gonna shake it down
Down down down down down
Tonight we're gonna move īt round
Round round round round round

Refren x3
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