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3 AM freestyle Letra

Artista: Xxxtentacion

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3 AM freestyle letra de Xxxtentacion lyrics

Pissed right now, you feel me?
You know these niggas fake, man
These niggas ain't really your friends, man
These niggas gon' diss you behind your back, man
These niggas ain't shit, man, for real, man
That's the way I see it, nigga
954, nigga
On some real shit, nigga
Befriended and sneak diss me, nigga?
Aight, nigga, that's where it's at, nigga, aight, I see you, nigga
Aight, I ain't mad, nigga, I'm just letting you where it's at
Sneak diss, uh?
That's how we do it, nigga?
I ain't pissed, just a nigga sneak dissed me
Make this pussy-nigga fuckin' history
Get murked, Martin Luther with a Ruger
That'll blow right through you, motherfucker
Real shit, you a real bitch on the streets
All you talk is shit, but you don't do shit
And you don't walk, bitch
You with multiple niggas when you hit these streets
But you, claimin' that you thuggin'
Thuggin' in the streets but you thuggin' in your tweets, nigga
Real shit, you a real bitch
Fuck Nora, Fuck Andre, EJ, fu*kPC, fu*kV2
Who the fu*kis you?
Fuck my mama, fu*kmy daddy, fu*kyou fuckin' too
Fuck the f-, fu*kyou motherfucking fu*kfuckas
Man, I'm mad, screamin', "Fuck the world"
How I feel right now, screamin', "Fuck your girl"
I'm real impatient, niggas fakin', in my house, hatin'
Treat this nigga to my mom's
Then he wanna act friendly on the bomb
Then I bomb, fu*kyour mom
Vietnam, in his heart
You get caught like a Pokémon
Niggas wanna peek at you, you broke your knees, I pick at you
Pick or chew, like you pick your fuckin' nose
Pick your jaw up off the motherfuckin' floor
Nigga, what you know? Nigga, claimin hoes
Nigga claim you keep that, nigga, you ain't shit bruh
You ain't gettin' racks, homie, you ain't gettin' stacks
We was in the tent doing twenty for a black
Blackmail, black bitch, blackmail, black tick
Back to the hell to the black to the jail
Real shit, all blacks in the cell
No whites in the cell
I sell this shit, it's for sale
On the street, I will never fuckin' go to Yale but I'll likely go to jail
I could never fuckin' tell
And I know my momma mad
And I know my dad ain't proud of me
My sister hate me
My brother, don't even know me, real shit
My patience getting low
My blood leaking, you see my demons
Real shit, my mind blank, all I do is drank
Just a couple days ago it was the homie's birthday
I fucked it up, birth place, ah
See, you flag from the South side but you from the North side, reppin' Sun Lane, where you from, man?
Claimin' Deepside, you a fuckin' hood hopper
Hit this nigga, heat this nigga, he a grass hopper
See, my niggas'll pop ya, all my niggas wildin'
All my niggas stylin', we ain't with the God
You thought what we see, man, put him in the sea, man
See me, John Cena in arenas
Niggas queef, uh, like Laquisha, Sharkeisha
Young nigga with the Cali reefer
(Outro: XXXTENTACION, Chevy Chase, & Michael O'Keefe)
Blowin' loud
That's a pun
I appeal to these niggas
Rest in peace to my nigga
Happy birthday to my nigga Stokeley
I'm sorry for all that bullshit we had to go through that day, bro, real shit, bro
We family, bro
I value you over all these hoes, man
That goes for my whole group, man, real shit, bro
It's 3AM
You take drugs, Danny? (Everyday)
Good, so what's the problem? (I don't know)

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La Canción '3 AM freestyle' de Xxxtentacion ,incluida en su disco 'Singles' en el año 2017 .Este track 07 del álbum Singles es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop ,junto a temas como "Changes" , "Look at Me!" , "Riot" , "Innadat feat Robb Banks" , "Falling Down" , "3 AM freestyle" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 7679 Visitas y 1 votos con 10,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Bad Vibes Forever" del año 2019 y 1594 Visitas
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3 AM freestyle Lyrics

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