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30 Hours feat. André 3000 Letra

Artista: Kanye West

Letra de canción de música

30 Hours feat. André 3000 letra de Kanye West

Baby lion goes

Where the islands go

You say you never saw this comin', well you're not alone

Million dollar renovations to a happy home

My ex says she gave me the best years of her life

I saw a recent picture of her, I guess she was right

I wake up, assessin' the damages

Checkin' MediaTakeOut

Pictures of me drunk walkin' out with a bitch

But it's blurry enough to get the fake out

I wake up, all veggies no eggs

I hit the gym, all chest no legs

Yep, then I made myself a smoothie

Yeah, then me and wifey make a movie

Chicago - St. Louis, St. Louis to Chicago

Ándale Ándale E.I, E.I, uh, oh

You had me drivin' far enough to switch the time zone

You was the best of all time at the time though

Yeah, you wasn't mine though

But I still drove 30 hours

But still drove 30 hours to you

I remember rapping for Jay and Cam

Young producer just trying to get his flows off

I remember being nervous to do Victoria Secret

'Til I pictured everybody with they clothes off

Expedition was Eddie Bauer edition

I'm drivin' with no winter tires in December

Skrrt skrrt skrrt like a private school for women

Then I get there and all the Popeye's is finished, girl

You don't love me, you just pretendin'

I need that happy beginnin', middle and endin'

Chicago, St. Louis, St. Louis to Chicago

It's gettin' hot in hurr, that's all that I know

Got a hotel room, 3 stars for you

You call down for an omelet

Girl it's 5 in the morning

You realize we at the DoubleTree, not the Aria

Only thing open is Waffle House, girl don't start with me

I used the Western Union for you like it's no prob

Cause you was in college complainin' about it's no jobs

But you were suckin' a nigga's dick the whole time

Well I guess a blowjob's better than no job

And I drove back 30 hours

Were remains that long to lose sad

Better unsaid

Always turn, oh

(with André 3000:)

3 stacks, can you help me out?

30 hours

Yeah, this the type of shit you ride out to

30 hours x2

I just be like, it was my idea to have an open relationship

Now a nigga mad

Now I'm 'bout to drive 90 miles like Matt Barnes to kill...

30 hours

Just to kill..

Just to... x2

I'm about to drive 90

90 miles like Matt Barnes just to whoop a nigga ass

It was my idea and now a nigga

30 hours

Now a nigga mad, now a nigga, uh

A stunna

Whoop him after school just to show I got class


Duh-duh with you, yeah

30 hours

You know what I'm sayin'? Drop some shit like that

Ay, woop him after school just to

30 hours

Whoop him after school just to show I got class

Uh, 3 Stacks

30 hours x2

Just ride out to that

Check it out, this the bonus track, this the bonus

My favorite albums just have like bonus joints like this

That's why they kick it off like this

Just did that Madison Square Garden

30 hours

Had to put the flyest nigga on this shit

The pyramids shall rise

30 hours

Look at all these Ultralight Beams flowin'

For all the moms, dads, the kids, the families that shared this moment with us

Let's rock out for 'bout

30 hours

You know, ay you know

Ay, you know, ay, you know

30 hours

Whole design team, Yeezy team, music team

Remember when the whole block'd get shout out?

This my version of a shout out track

30 hours

Let that mothafucka rock, let that, let that, yeah

To my brother Yasiin, holding it out in Africa

30 hours

To my family, thank you for holding me down

The media be after us

That's Gabe calling

Yo Gabe

I'm just doing a... just doing an adlib track right now

What's up?

30 hours

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La Canción '30 Hours feat. André 3000' de Kanye West ,incluida en su disco 'The Life Of Pablo' en el año 2016 .Este track 15 del álbum The Life Of Pablo es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop ,junto a temas como "Fade feat. Post Malone & Ty Dolla Sign" , "Waves feat. Chris Brown" , "Real Friends feat. Ty Dolla Sign" , "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 feat. Kid Cudi" , "Wolves feat Frank Ocean" , "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2 feat. Desiigner" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 773 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Jesus Is King" del año 2019 y 69 Visitas
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30 Hours feat. André 3000 Lyrics

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30 Hours feat. André 3000 Video

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