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Why does life sometimes feel so wrong

like running in circles and you don't belong

I always knew that this day would come

it's time to break free, meet me on the run.

But what am I really running from

And I look up to the open sky

hopes in my heart, dreams in my eye

Will I ever make it right this time

And all I can do

And all I can do

And all I can do

is try

I hear the sound of change, it's everywhere

thet're tryin' to hold me down, but I don't care

whatever they say, I believe in me

why am I the only one to see

I won't give up and I won't give in

where it ends is where I begin

but am I really, am I really strong enough

And all I can do

And all I can do

And all I can do

is try

And all I can do

And all I can do

And all I can do

is try

And all I can do


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Letra Ben Kendrick - All I can do Ampliar Canción All I can do de Ben Kendrick con letras y música , Incluida en el Top spain Con 7637 Visitas y 0 votos con una puntuación de 0,00 sobre 10 , con un estilo musical Pop Rock / e incluido en su álbum "Singles" del año (2017) . >video en Youtube All I can do . Puedes visitar su Discografí­a con todos sus discos y su :: Biografía.
Canciones top incluidas en su disco 01 "All I can do" - .Los últimos discos agregados son "Singles en el año 2017 , de Ben Kendrick . Ahora Puedes Comprar y Descargar su música
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