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The fullest exTENT of my inTENT is to let you know what is imporTENT

My exisTENTS is miliTENT cause my conTENT bangs like it’s poTENT

ResisTENT to the polluTENT, never hesiTENT, always consisTENT

I back it up, yeah I’m very blaTENT

Don’t try to copy this cause I paTENT

Runnin on the streets causing TENTsion

Running through, running through, running through

Runnin on the streets causing TENTsion

Hey, hey, hey - aTENTion!!!!

Hey, hey, hey - aTENTion!!!!

Got to see my life from a disTENTS

For insTENTS, my friends say I act TENTS

I’m a refugee from a yellow brick TENT

PastTENT presentTENT and futureTENT

Our borough is long like a senTENTS

Its inTENT bitches its insTENT

We live with disTENT to presiTENT

For aTENTion about my TENT

Things fall on our heads like we’re newTENT

So don't drop that ball on that buTENT

We’re aliens but we’re not muTENT

We TENT out of TENT - acounTENT

There’s 36 chambers in my Wu TENT

We slangTENT in benneTENT

While you dance in your LoubouTENT

We be makin TENT out ya curTENT


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- Estilo: Pop Rock
- Álbum "Matangi" del año (2013) .
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+ Discos:
- A.I.M. en el año (2016)
- Matangi en el año (2013)
- Bad Girls en el año (2012)
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Atention Lyrics

01 Bring the Noize
13 Y.A.L.A
15 Know It Ain't Right
05 Matangi
02 Only 1 U
04 Karmageddon

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