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Baba Says Cool For Thought Letra

Artista: Lupe Fiasco

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Baba Says Cool For Thought letra de Lupe Fiasco

(feat. Iesha Jaco)

They thought it was cool to burn crosses in your front lawn as they hung you from trees in

Your backyard.

They thought it was cool to leave you thirsty and strand katrina.

He thought it was cool to carry a gun in his classroom and open fire, virginia tech columbine,

Stop the violence.

They thought it was cool to tare down the projects and put up million dollar condos,


They think its cool to stand on the block hiding products in their socks making quick dime bag


They think its cool to to ride down on you in blue and white unmarked cars, bustin you upside

Yo head.

Freeze....cause the problem is we think its cool too.

Check your ingredients, before you overdose, on the cool.

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- Álbum "The Cool" del año (2007) .
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