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Ball (featuring Jim Jones & Schife) Letra

Artista: DJ Khaled

Letra de canción de música

Ball (featuring Jim Jones & Schife) letra de DJ Khaled

(feat. Jim Jones & Schife)



It started with some packs (Go!)

Then a couple cars (Jim Jones!)

Wake up with my dogs (Go!)

Took over the block (Lets Go!)

And then we

Ball! (x7)

(Thats all we know how to do... Who invented this thing!)

Now we run the city (M.I yayo what it do!)

Motherfu*kthe law (Victory)

Push the latest cars (What the numbers lookin' like Khaled!)

Cos we move alot of raw

And so we

Ball! (x7)

(Ay just have me a drop top on deck when I land.... I be back when its warm!)

(Verse 1)

I started from an ounce (28)

Stretched that to 42 (ehh)

Flipped that to shawty blue

took it to the sporty coup (Go!)

Now,I can get it for a 23

so short give me 42, and what the fu*kya gonna do (what else)


I'm all for it like Brandon Roy

Long story short, lets fast forward to the brand new toys (swish!)

My jewellery loud, motherfuckers can't stand the noise (turn it down)

My chain swing like the hands on Floyd dammit boy! (watch it! watch it!)

Motherfuckers wanna shoot my brains out (word!)

Tell these niggas catch me I'm in the coop with my braids out! (nigga!)

They said the summer with the roof is kinda played out (so what?)

So I told the dealer keep the ceilin' on my way out



It started with some packs

Then a couple cars

Wake up with my dogs

Took over the block

And then we

Ball! (x7)

(Show me the money... Whats up now!)

Now we run the city

Motherfu*kthe law

Push the latest cars

Cos we move alot of raw

And so we

Ball! (x7)

(it's not so funny now.. I can't hear you niggas now!)

(Verse 2)

I'm gainin on em, guess who's gettin famous on em (JONES!)

private plane'n on em, buy cars no payments on em (No test drive!)

I ball with guns, I'm Arenas on em (Bang Bang!)

its all for fun, we flood the necklace with saints up on em (pray for us!)

tell big them 700's we still waitin on em (be patient)

the weatherman we make it snow, we cocainin' on em! (1we takin ...)

we make them bitches melt when they see me out (chilly!)

with them fly cars you faggot niggas dream about (get ya money up!)

I'm spillin champagne on my dress clothes (so what!)

I'mma need a scarf before my chain give me chest colds (CHILLY!)

I got these bitches duckin dick like ... (HAHA!)

when they see me pull to the spot, we're like ...


(Verse 3)

We fly to hot spots when New York is chilly

So I be driving drop tops when New York is chilly (I'm cold hearted)

Silly!, You know u eatin when u can cough a millies (coughs)

Willy, the cars at least cost a quarter millie (buy that)

You know my lifetsyle, back and forth flights out

Spendin money nights out, till the lord say its lights out (pour out some liquor)

My .... is callin' .... (uh oh!)

and even with the lights all off,

you can still see the jewellery


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