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From the very first moment I saw you

That's when I knew

All the dreams I held in my heart

Had suddenly come true

Knock me over stone cold sober

Not a think I could say or do

'Cos baby when I'm walking with you now

My eyes are so wide

Like you reached right into my head

And turned on the light inside

Turning on the light

Inside my mind hey

Come on baby it's all right

Sunday Monday day or night

Written blue on white it's plain to see

That rainy shiny night or day

What's the difference anyway

Baby till your heart belongs to me

If I had some influence girl

With the powers that be

I'd have them fire that arrow at you

Like they fired it right at me

And maybe when your heart and soul are burning

You might see

That everytime I'm talking with you

It's always over too soon

That everyday feels so incomplete

Till you walk into the room

Say the word now girl

I'll jump that moon hey

Come on baby it's OK

Rainy shiny night or day

There's nothing in the way now

Don't you see

Winter summer day or night

Centigrade of Fahrenheit

Baby till your heart belongs to me

Thursday Friday short or long

When you got a love so strong

How can it be wrong now mercy me

Jumpin' Jesus holy cow!

What's the difference anyhow

Baby till your heart belongs to me

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álbum "A new day at midnight" del año (2002) .
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