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Bloodstains feat. Katie Noonan Letra

Artista: Passenger

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Bloodstains feat. Katie Noonan letra de Passenger

I’m aching and you’re aching with these dull and empty hearts,
We’re waiting for somebody to rip our ribs apart,
And to seize with a steady hand our dull and empty hearts,
Our hearts.
I’m taking and you’re taking we’ve forgotten how to give,
I’m faking it, you’re breaking it and its just the way it is,
So we’ll leave here tonight but not before we give each other back our hearts.
Cos our love,
Left us long ago,
When we were both asleep,
Leaving blood stains in the snow,
Leaving blood stains in the snow.
I’m waiting and you’re waiting but this trains not gonna come,
You’re voice has started grating and I hate what we’ve become,
See there’s no future at this station we’re just feeding off the crumbs,
of our hearts.
I’m shaking and you’re shaking its just the way its got to be,
In this love abandoned Autumn we’ll go raking up the leaves,
The leaves that have fallen from these cold and dying trees in our hearts.
Cos our love,
Left us long ago,
When we were both asleep,
Leaving blood stains in the snow.
Well I’m lonely like you’re lonely,
But its only cos its thrown me,
Like its thrown you I don’t own you,
And my darling you don’t own me,
And its kicking and its yelling,
And its bruising and its swelling,
But the writings on the wall,
And we both know what its been telling us to do,
Telling us to do.
Well I’m crying and your crying in to silent salty lakes,
The road has turned to ice and we haven’t any brakes,
So while the wall keeps getting closer,
I fear its too late not to break our hearts.

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- Álbum "Flight of the Crow" del año (2010) .
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La Canción 'Bloodstains feat. Katie Noonan' de Passenger ,incluida en su disco 'Flight of the Crow' en el año 2010 .Este track 10 del álbum Flight of the Crow es una de las mejores canciones Pop Rock ,junto a temas como "What You're Thinking feat. Josh Pyke" , "The One You love feat. Kate Miller Heidke" , "Diamonds feat. Simon R. Beckleman" , "Month of Sundays feat. Brian Campeau & Elana Stone" , "Shape of Love feat. Boy & Bear" , "Rivers feat. Lior" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 1975 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Singles" del año 2020 y 299 Visitas
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Bloodstains feat. Katie Noonan Lyrics

Bloodstains feat. Katie Noonan Video

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