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Artista: Pop Smoke

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Brush Em letra de Pop Smoke lyrics

(feat. Rah Swish)
Brokie, brokie
9 shots in the Ruger, I step on court they like, "Watch the shooter"
You got a gun, nigga, gun, nigga
Me too
Brodie go what, brodie gon' back out
Brodie gon' brush 'em
Look, Brodie gon', Brodie gon', Rrr
Dig in that Louie bag, Louie bag
Nigga, dig in that bag, duffel
Brodie gon' back out cut 'em
Brodie gon', "Woo"
I'll bet Moe gon' shoot
Said, "I'm big 092"
Know that I'm woo
Don't come to my block, we gon' give him the boot
I keep me a Glock
Shoot out the roof
Two .38s
Three .22s
We did it first
Watch what you say
You could get hurt
Fuck with my opps
They get it worse, my bitch got the chop
Shit in her purse
Pull up with racks
Don't even trip
If I call Stretch
Empty the clip
Those not my opps
Free Dano Brim
Fuck is a Notty
Nigga a snitch
Don't get put on a shirt
Watch niggas lurk
I keep a Glock
When I'm in church
Spin through your block
Step on the clutch
Hit the boy up
Then I reverse
Brodie got locked for the chop
I lost four of my straps got to go get a fifth one
I be fucking on opp bitches
Kick em and pass em to Pop there's too many to pick from
Ah, say that, I call a ape with a Maybach
I'm 823, I get straight cash
If you got that work, I'ma take that
We pull up to houses and baby showers
Woo from the floss, we don't play with ours
You won't ever catch me a day without it
GDK and I don't even play about it
Ah, ah, there it is
Have you screamin' through mega like, "Mayday"
Who the fu*kare you talkin' to crazy?
If you don't want no beef, nigga, pay me
When the fu*kif these niggas gon' get back?
Empty the clip, they shit whack
Take all the breesh, I got big packs
Shoot through the V, make 'em sit back
Ah, rumble
Step on the field, watch 'em crumble
I'm so drip like I stepped in the puddle
I back out, I hit you and your uncle
Window down, let the semi spit
.40 Glock with a 50 clip
Get the addy then I get 'em hit
Had to shoot a nigga for a mixy bitch
Huh, Tricia
Shorty gon' suck on my Nina
I pull up like Ace and they fiend us
I leave her shit wet, Aquafina
And I got that pussy on Fiji
If you got a gun, come and meet me
We spinning pull up with like three V's
Ah Tricia, she dying to eat me
I don't talk to niggas, I don't play with niggas
Got a bad bitch that'll tase a nigga
Stone cold, blue flag
09 to the A nigga, woo back
Ah, fu*k'round with dem pussy boy dem
Eh, dem talk 'bout bombaclat ras' with song Pop Smoke
Uh, o dat mean?
Uh, tell dem pussy they go suck ya' mother
Go suck ya' mother

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- Álbum "Faith" del año (2021) .
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La Canción 'Brush Em' de Pop Smoke ,incluida en su disco 'Faith' en el año 2021 .Este track 06 del álbum Faith es una de las mejores canciones ,junto a temas como "Mr. Jones feat. Anuel AA" , "Woo Baby" , "Mr. Jones" , "Demeanor" , "Bout A Million" , "Spoiled" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 3414 Visitas y 1 votos con 10,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Faith" del año 2021 y 452 Visitas
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