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Bugz 97 Letra

Artista: D-12

Letra de canción de música

Bugz 97 letra de D-12


Fuck that!

Who run shit, watch these drums hit

You dove head first into some old dumb shit

Here's a can of ass whip, for you to come get

Your clique made their trip, I made them hoes submit

Ask your girl, she knows the scoop don't fu*kwith Bugz bitch

I'll chop off her titti, have you sucking one tit

Them pink belly *****s is who you run with

Making half ass songs, shitty snares and one kick

I hate your damn sound, don't like it one bit

You can make a double album, won't have one hit

Your entire outfit is on some bullshit

And there's not a damn one that I can't out wit

I admit, that my style is unfit

For mamma's baby boy because I'm on some dumb shit

Like I commit arsony, get harm quick

You pull the alarm switch, I'll stab you in your armpit

Now who the nitwit wanna come get with

This egotistic, hip-hop fundal mentalisitic

Don't risk it, you'll get your shit split

Now keep your distance, and keep existence

I'm the persistent when it comes to bench shit

I smoked a blunt with my judge before my sentence

I'm relentless to deny you're senseless

Yo bitch, pay my bill that's where the hell your rent went

Fuck that!

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Letra D-12 - Bugz 97 Ampliar Con 580 Visitas y 4 votos
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- Estilo: Pop Rock Internacional
- Álbum "D-12 World" del año (2004) .
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La Canción 'Bugz 97' de D-12 ,incluida en su disco 'D-12 World' en el año 2004 .Este track 19 del álbum D-12 World es una de las mejores canciones Pop Rock Internacional ,junto a temas como "Git Up" , "D-12 World" , "Just Like U" , "Loyalty" , "American Psycho 2 (Featuring B-Real)" , "How Come" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 580 Visitas y 4 votos con 9,69 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "D-12 World" del año 2004 y 2827 Visitas
- "Devils Nigth" del año 2001 y 2923 Visitas

Bugz 97 Lyrics

01 Git Up
15 D-12 World
03 Just Like U
02 Loyalty
18 American Psycho 2 (Featuring B-Real)
09 How Come

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9,69 / 10 de 4 Votos y 580 Visitas
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