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Can't Have Everything Letra

Artista: Drake

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Can't Have Everything letra de Drake lyrics

Yeah, uh, man, fresh up out the sand
February 10, it's the boy, but I'm still the man
Come and get your mans
I don't know, first you caught the hands
Then you took the stand
It's a joke, but you say you real-I don't understand
On a yacht, me and all the dogs actin' like some dogs
We evolved, used to think vacation meant Niagara Falls
Swear to God, shout to Buffalo, never duckin' low
I don't stop, man, I'm stuck on go, always hug the row
Fuck a opp, make his body roll, yeah, a lot of those
Started out doin' college shows, Calipari flow
Then I popped like you never seen
We with everything, I went off in the '16, give me '17
Want a lot, can't have everything
Can't have everything
Want a lot, can't have everything
But I want everything
Bad attitude, tellin' who to calm down?
Tryna cool it all down
Who's callin' my name? Who's involved now?
Tell me who I gotta down, I'll do a song now, man
Even though there's way less to prove to y'all now, man
Everything that went around is comin' back around
Y'all better hit the ground
Goddamn, beef forever unfinished
Yeah, it's all open ended, had me off for a minute
Had you all since beginnin'
Damn, I must be coachin', 'cause I'm not playin' with them
Can you not see the difference?
I mean, I keep the fuckin' lights on in the buildin'
Man, my record deal should be 500 million, goddamn
Can't have everything
Can't have everything
Want a lot, can't have everything
But I want everything
Finally got my mind in a free state
Niggas tried to serve me up a cheesesteak
I gave them back a clean plate
Same niggas preein', 'cause they hate to see the team straight
Same niggas beakin' always duckin' my release date
That's when the phone starts ringin', like, "Are we straight?"
Two-faced nigga back around with the three face
Damn, oh, triple double, Russ face
Watch with the bust face
Never met the plug, but I rap about the plug face
Never met my self, I don't remember who I was face
Y'all fuckin' hilarious
Y'all really think you niggas teamin' up and scarin' us
Y'all niggas is arrogant, y'all sleep at the Sheraton
All that shit embarrassin'
Tell your big homie I'm all for goin' there again
He ain't even die and I ball with his inheritance
All that's in my account at the Bank of America
All that Drake hysteria
Six side, east side, all that for my area
(Sandi Graham:)
You know, hun, I'm a bit concerned about this negative tone that I'm hearing in your voice these days. I can appreciate where your uncertainly stems from and you have reason to question your anxieties and how disillusioned you feel, as well as feeling skeptical about who you believe you can trust. But that attitude will just hold you back in this life, and you're going to continue to feel alienated. Give some thought to this, because I'm confident in you, and I know you can reach your desired destination and accomplish your goals much more quickly without this confrontation I'm hearing in your tone these days. When others go low, we go high

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- Álbum "More Life" del año (2016) .
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La Canción 'Can't Have Everything' de Drake ,incluida en su disco 'More Life' en el año 2016 .Este track 22 del álbum More Life es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop ,junto a temas como "Passionfruit" , "Teenage Fever" , "Get It Together feat. Black Coffee & Jorja Smith" , "Fake Love" , "Virginia Black, Please Take Me Back""Wanna Know (Remix) feat. Dave" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 7042 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Scary Hours 2" del año 2021 y 509 Visitas
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Can't Have Everything Lyrics

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