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Reverend, Reverend,

Is this a conspiracy?

Crucified for no sins

No revenge beneath me

Lost within my plans for life

It all seems so unreal

I'm a man cut in half in this world

Left in my misery

The reverend he turned to me

Without a tear in his eyes

It's nothing new for him to see

I didn't ask him why

I will remember

The love our souls had

Sworn to make

Now I watch the falling rain

All my mind can see

Now is your (face)

Well I guess

You took my youth

I gave it all away

Like the birth of a

New-found joy

This love would end in rage

And when she died

I couldn't cry

The pride within my soul

You left me incomplete

All alone as the

Memories now unfold.

Believe the word

I will unlock my door

And pass the

Cemetery gates

Sometimes when I'm alone

I wonder aloud

If you're watching over me

Some place far abound

I must reverse my life

I can't live in the past

Then set my soul free

Belong to me at last

Through all those

Complex years

I thought I was alone

I didn't care to look around

And make this world my own

And when she died

I should've cried and spared myself some pain...

Left me incomplete

All alone as the memories still remain

The way we were

The chance to save my soul

And my concern is now in vain

Believe the word

I will unlock my door

And pass the cemetery gates

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