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Class President Letra

Artista: Mac Miller

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Class President letra de Mac Miller

Look, comin with the flows of a veteran, Mac class president
All black letterman, recognize a gentleman
Know anything but formal, take you out the normal
It's time travel here step into my portal
Never seem to be another ordinary college fellow
Still keep a buncha action figure, Donatello's
I used to wet my pants leave the carpet yellow
Now I'm playin games with hoes turn they hearts to jello
"L" rolled from my wrist to my elbow
Hella smoke got my eyes red like Elmo
Music that I make got me buzzin like a cellphone
Stickin to my word now I'm velcro, Hell No!
I ain't gone stop one minute better than I ever been
Before it was just a scrimmage, No the boy playin for the cup
It's a championship, see the word play dance from his lips
All my ladies put ya hands on ya hips, here some candy to lick
Come and holla if ya man is a bitch
Every party that I roll to they demand me to spit
Treat me like I'm Peyton Manning in this
Playa I don't got no time for the slow grind here in 09'
Blow minds with these dope rhymes, call them coke lines
Snort it get the (?) I'm takin you out of orbit
Plus we poppin champagne see the corck twist
Purple piff got me higher than a forklift
Hungry, feed it like my mother got four tits
I'm livin in this music you a tourist
Rocky and Bulwinkle you just Boris
Boy spit still way sharper than a swordfish
Yo whole style just dead like a morgue is
I'm a senior but I stay fresh man
Class president never would've guess man
Bitches on me that I ain't neva met man
The only thing that's on yo dick is ya left hand
Wolverine nails signin on the X man
They don't hear me up in Def Jam

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- Estilo: Hip Hop
- Álbum "The High Life" del año (2009) .
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Class President Lyrics

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