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(feat. Akon)

(Akon's talking:)

Convict (echo)

Up Front


Convikt Muzik

(Rick Ross' talking (Akon):)

Ross.. (oh)

Triple C's

(Chorus (Akon):)

If you ever cross that line

I guarantee you there'll be nothing to save you

I got a whole bunch of gorillas ready to pull the trigger

And we all for that paper

Comin' from a life of crime

Tryna be on my best behavior

You see my rep's gettin' bigger but still that same nigga bustin' shots at them haters

But only if you cross that line

(Hold up, hold up)

(Verse 1: Rick Ross)

I was birthed in the crackhouse

But what made it worse every first is a packed house

Little brother knowin' life illegal

No toys just playin' with pipes and needles

I'm gonna' find knights and regals

$5000 on the paint just so life will see you

Green cards for the free lunch

Now his green cards scream larger than seats crush

Big guns for the other side

Nigga try me I'm gonna teach his momma homicide

I wanna see his momma eyes

I done cried 20 years now I'm runnin' dry

(Chorus (Akon))

Don't cross that line

Hopin' that you don't cross that line

Don't cross that line,

Baby don't cross that line

(Verse 2: Rick Ross)

When I'm low on funds, I'm gonna load up guns

Slap you in the head I'm gonna open one

African in bed, she just hope I'm done

See the voodoo priest then the coke gonna come

Open up a drum, I'm eatin' Oprah crumbs

Got poor credit, got whore debit

Walk in the 40-40 I'ma score, bet it

Four tennis chains hoe, I'm progetic

But the 4 pellets will get you prosthetics

If you don't get it, just don't let it

A life setence is a life sentence

All my homies got 'em, they just like business

(Chorus (Akon))

Don't cross that line

Hopin' that you don't cross that line

Don't cross that line,

Baby don't cross that line

(Verse 3: Rick Ross)

Don't push me nigga, I ain't pussy nigga

You "would be" killers, that is "could be" nigga

The last minute of your last breath

I'm the last image right before your last step

Shot a, Block papa, my block gotta

Cross the line - pay the fine (Ross) Cop dollars

The motto - you're age, creed, or color nigga

Can't cut it stay choppin' through the butter nigga

Critics wonder will I last long?

Even though I showed my ass on my last song

I gets my mash on (Ross), no mask on (Ross), Cross Ross baby it'll be a sad song

(Chorus (Akon))

Don't cross that line

Hopin' that you don't cross that line

Don't cross that line,

Baby don't cross that line

(Music Fades)


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