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Culture feat. Migos Letra

Artista: DJ Khaled

Letra de canción de música

Culture feat. Migos letra de DJ Khaled lyrics

They try to play us, they play themselves
This the intro
For all you fuckboys that ever tried to doubt the Migos, you played yourself! (Another one)
Fuckboy bow down
Spin off in the coupe, typhoon (skrt skrt)
I act an ass, baboon
Wrappin' that dope, cocoon
Young rich nigga in the room
Finesse a nigga, no raccoon
Spending M&M's in June
Took a trip to Cancun
Culture album coming soon (Another one)
Bought the Benz off the lot
Just to give your hoe a lift
I'm havin' the sauce in the refridgerator
Just make sure you bring the chips
Aye it's a fu*knigga in the back
Just look at him, look at him plot
He probably think it's the club light but really it's the red dot
Fucked a bitch and hit the lot (lot)
NIgga fumblin' with the pot (pot)
I put my wrist in the pot (pot)
Hit the block brought back a knot (knot)
JJ Watt is on the block (woop woop)
Kept me runnin' from the cops (cops)
Don't buy the car, we want the lot (skrt skrt)
I need everything in stock (stock)
Act pints in the attic
Pussy niggas putting on an act (act)
Fucked the bitch and broke her back
I fucked the bitch and gave her back (back)
Thumbin' through a hundred (thumb)
Thumbin' through a hundred racks (racks)
Know you ain't one hundred
Your chain might get snatched (snatched)
I wanna whip up some pies today
How many niggas gon' ride today? (ride)
How many niggas gon' slide and grab on they nine
When I say it's time to slay? (time)
Jump in the crowd and get live today
Heard you talkin' through the wire today
I'm a pull up with that fire, aim at his eye
I bet he gon' die today
Yeah, screw that lil tip on that dirty lil Uzi (yeah)
I put a seven in a thot coochie (yeah)
Niggas get money, don't know how to use it (yeah)
I whipped up the babies, Harambe, abused it
The value went up in the stocks (stock)
Tired of runnin' from the cops (12)
Pourin' lean on the rocks (mud)
Mink fur, that's a fox (vrrt)
Quarter million in the vault (quarter K)
I'm a let the semi talk (whole K)
Now he swimmin' with the dolphins (dolphin)
Perky got me feelin' nauseous (Perky)
Don't come around with the nonsense (uh-uh)
How the fu*kyou fuckboys ain't gon' act like Migos ain't reppin' the culture?
They rep the culture from the streets
Fuckboy bow down
Culture album soon come
Spin off in the coupe, typhoon (skrt skrt)
I act an ass, baboon
Wrappin' that dope, cocoon
Young rich nigga in the room
Finesse a nigga, no raccoon
Spending M&M's in June
Took a trip to Cancun

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La Canción 'Culture feat. Migos' de DJ Khaled ,incluida en su disco 'Singles' en el año 2017 .Este track 02 del álbum Singles es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop ,junto a temas como "Shining feat. Beyoncé & JAY Z" , "Quiero Dinero" , "Top Off (feat. JAY Z, Future & Beyoncé)" , "Culture feat. Migos" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 3586 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Khaled Khaled" del año 2020 y 342 Visitas
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Culture feat. Migos Lyrics

Culture feat. Migos Video

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