Cut It Short Letra de Red Fang


Cut It Short Letra

Canción Cut It Short letra de Red Fang con lyrics de música

She's still wants to know

What I still don't know to say

When we go below

All songs I should know go away


We take the long road home but cut it short

When all the soul falls out from the cold


Into words for you

All that I can do

Songs too true

Break it into two

I'll slip on a loop

Diamond in a soup to choke

They cop a feel and fate takes the wheel

A figure eight


(Chorus x2)

She still doesn't know

What I still don't know to say

When words dig a hole

We are what what we stole

And go away

We take the long road home (x2)

And cut it short


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Estilo: Metal
álbum "Only Ghosts" del año (2016) .
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"Whales and Leeches en el año 2013
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