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Daemons Letra

Artista: Xxxtentacion

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Daemons letra de Xxxtentacion lyrics

(feat. Joey Bada$$ & Kemba)
Two shots for me and fucking Jesus himself
Who the fu*ksigned the petition giving Jesus the belt?
Tie it around his neck and get to fucking buckling up
For every moment I counted on him, I'm fucking him up
Torture victims are due to scriptures, it's written as such
So every moment my uncle suffered was planned in the cut
Cut his tongue out and hammered fucking nails in his skull
Couldn't see what Jesus planned, my vision is dull, and so
If there's a fucking God, I wanna slit his fucking throat
And feed his organs to the children
And, shower solutions to the black and the white
And, endless indulgence to the youth in the night
Cold scripture all use to be causing a rut
Drowning women and many children and pillaging trust
Just a man who murdered many in sake of himself
He just replaced you, you are just a book on his shelf
(Joey Bada$$:)
Slow dancing with the devil and in a burnin' room
Two steppin' ahead, until they lock me in a tomb
Been doomed since they pulled us out the womb
Satan preyin' on me, she be throwin' souls inside the wombs
Life shoulda eat you up, spit you out, beat you up
But bitch, the door don't stay enough, don't think I see enough
Baby, I see too much, baby, I can't call it
I need my soul in these bars like a alcoholic
I can't trust nobody, I put that on mind, soul, and my whole body
I see demons and there's nothin' they don't know 'bout me
No matter I try to hide, they gon' find me
So now I never run from it, 'cause I come from it
I never lied, Devil's eyes in the beast's stomach
I look the Devil in the eyes, I could see she bluffin'
I pull the red dress to the side, tell her keep comin', keep comin'
I just found out family and enemies could be different
I was steppin' over syringes that's in my kitchen
After momma died, I couldn't go to the bathroom
Without gettin' some second-hand Hell with how I'm pissin'
This is just me paintin' a picture of what I live with
What you know about comin' home to your shit missin'?
And findin' out the niggas that helped you look for it had did it?
This is just me paintin' addiction
These niggas took methamphetamine, ketamine, edibles, and a bean
Niggas stole my denim jeans, them the thieves, DVDs, literally anything
Food I bought anything from the vending machine
Credit card crack any door, like janitor keys
Niggas even took credit for the man I would be
And if I let 'em he would probably take twenty percent, managing fee
I'm so scared of my genes, I considered celibacy
Afraid I would ruin my seeds, like Adam and Eve
I got blood on the fuckin' leaves of my family tree
Just give me one damn minute, this shit is hard for me
I lost my whole damn momma, I lost a part of me
She lost her whole damn life from systems of poverty
Grew up with Crown fried chicken cloggin' my arteries
Increase in robberies, police and bullets that I bob and weave
It was nonstop for me, no one was stoppin' me
Either fulfill myself or be a self-fulfilling' prophecy
This just how I introduce myself, talk to me

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La Canción 'Daemons' de Xxxtentacion ,incluida en su disco 'Bad Vibes Forever' en el año 2019 .Este track 19 del álbum Bad Vibes Forever es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop ,junto a temas como "Ex Bitch" , "Triumph" , "Kill My Vibe" , "bad vibes forever" , "Ecstasy" , "LIMBO" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 3126 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Bad Vibes Forever" del año 2019 y 1078 Visitas
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Daemons Lyrics

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