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Don't Wake Me Letra

Artista: Skillet

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Don't Wake Me letra de Skillet


I went to bed I was thinking about you

Ain't the same since I'm living without you

All the memories are getting colder

All the things that I wanna do over

Went to bed I was thinking about you

I wanna talk and laugh like we used to

When I see you in my dreams at night

It's so real but it's in my mind


And now

I guess

This is as good as it gets


Don't wake me

'Cause I don't wanna leave this dream

Don't wake me

'Cause I never seem to stay asleep enough

When it's you I'm dreaming of

I don't wanna wake up

Don't wake me

We're together just you and me

Don't wake me

'Cause we're happy like we used to be

I know I've gotta let you go

But don't wake me


I went to bed I was thinking about you

And how it felt when I finally found you

It's like a movie playing over in my head

Don't wanna look 'cause i know how it ends

All the words that I said that I wouldn't say

All the promises I made that I wouldn't break

It's last call, last song, last dance

'Cause I can't get you back, can't get a second chance

And now, I guess

This is as good as it gets


These dreams of you keep on growing stronger

It ain't a lot but it's all I have

Nothing to do but keep sleeping longer

Don't wanna stop cause I want you back

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9,99 / 10 de 16 Votos y 1553 Visitas
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